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Ivan Norton Hunter (1916-1999) was born and grew up in Richwood, Nicholas County, West Virginia. He wrote poetry inspired by the people and places of his childhood and youth. This selection is from Spruce Wind’s Song, a collection of his poetry which combines his words with evocative images to celebrate these beloved places.


The last few minutes before nine

Play lost sheep in a greenbrier vine

A gnat-smoke climbs cedar high and dies

In the sour grass below the spring

A barn owl sits in a laurel tree and cries

Because he never learned to sing.

Out Greenbrier Road

Ivan Reads Sundown
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As clouds go or conversations of yesterday

One minute you are here and the next

Gone completely.

I can see through you

Who takes the space we need

Tell me, do memories get wet or cold?

Please come back, and for a start

Let us go looking, by the sea

For an invisible heart.

As Clouds Go

Ivan Reads As Clouds Go
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